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Best Junk Removal Services and Cost in Las Vegas NV
Price Moving Hauling Las Vegas

Best Junk Removal Services And Cost In Las Vegas NV

Are you looking for the Best Junk Removal Services near Las Vegas NV? Price Moving Hauling Las Vegas, is available to help clear out your clutter and take away your unwanted junk. Our junk removal services provide a fast and easy solution for all your hauling needs. Cost? Free estimates! Send us a message or call us today. Best Junk Removal Services around Las Vegas NV. We serve Las Vegas NV and other areas.

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Price Moving Hauling Las Vegas provides junk removal services throughout Las Vegas and other neighbouring cities in Vegas. We have developed a reputation as one of the best junk removal companies in the area, because we are always honest and prompt. From a small junk removal pick up to a full house clean out, Price Moving Hauling Las Vegas is your #1 local, family owned hauling business. From the first call, you will know you are in good hands with Price Moving Hauling Las Vegas. Our team will take the time to discuss the full scope of your project and schedule a free, no obligation estimate or provide an over-the-phone estimate. Our knowledgeable, friendly team will arrive on time and remove all the unwanted junk and debris as directed. Not only do we pick up your items on time and on budget, Price Moving Hauling Las Vegas strives to find a way to recycle, repurpose or donate most of the items we pick up. We take many items to local charities such as Habitat for Humanity. local junk removal service,junk removal in my area

We offer:

  • Quick and easy scheduling: You can schedule your junk pick up estimate online, and one of our friendly Client Loyalty Associates will check local availability and schedule your free, no-obligation estimate at a time that’s most convenient for you.
  • Affordable and transparent rates: We’ll call you about 20-30 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to ensure that this still works for you. Before starting, a professional Price Moving Hauling Las Vegas team member will arrive in one of our clean junk removal trucks and present you with an accurate estimate of our services.
  • Fast and efficient decluttering: We’ll take care of all the labor and loading, wherever your items are located. All items we remove will be properly recycled, donated, or disposed of. Afterward, we’ll check in to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the junk hauling services you received.
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We can haul away most items including, but not limited to:

  • Construction Debris
  • Carpet
  • Fallen Trees
  • Old TVs
  • Campers
  • Hot Tubs, Spas
  • Hospital Beds, Crutches, Walkers
  • Furniture
  • Appliancesgarage-clean-out
  • Old cars/trucks
  • Boats
  • Mattress
  • Electronics
  • Printers & copiers
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Our Junk Removal Prices

Delivering Affordable & Convenient Disposal Solutions

No two jobs are the same and our teams take pride in offering honest and transparent pricing for your junk removal needs. At the start of each job, our team will provide a free, no obligation estimate based on the volume your junk items take up in our truck. When you hire the

Price Moving Hauling Las Vegas, you can rest easy knowing we won’t begin our work until you’ve been given an accurate calculation of the cost.

Our junk removal services include:

  • Furniture disposal as you downsize in preparation for a move
  • Home or business renovations
  • Foreclosure or eviction cleanouts
  • Removal of unwanted items from garage cleaning, estate cleaning, or business cleaning
  • Do you have a business that needs junk removal or know of a company that is downsizing due to COVID-19? We offer commercial junk removal options to get those old computers, cubicles, and office furniture disposed of, too!


Junk removal is something that every Las Vegas homeowner or business owner needs to deal with every once in a while. Some people choose to dispose of junk themselves, while others rely on rubbish removal services

These rubbish removal services can make your junk disposal quick, convenient and cost-effective. But if you have never used a junk removal service before, you probably don’t know what to expect.

As the owner of Price Moving Hauling Las Vegas, I’m here to help you out. Continue reading as I list some of our most frequently asked junk removal questions. Hopefully, all your doubts and queries related to junk removal will be answered by the time you’re done reading.

What types of waste can be removed?

You can use our junk removal service to remove most types of junk including green waste, general household waste, commercial waste or mixed waste. However, we do not accept heavy waste, hazardous chemical waste or construction waste in our junk skip bins.

How much waste can I remove?

Our junk skip bins are available in a one-size-fits-all size with fill levels ranging from 2m³ up to 12m³. Therefore, you can remove as much as 12m³ of junk at a time. And, if you have less, then we’ll charge you only for the amount of waste you fill into our skips and not for the entire skip itself. Note, there are weight restrictions on our junk skip bins which you can find here.

How do I hire a junk skip bin?

Hiring a junk skip bin from us at Price Moving Hauling Las Vegas is extremely simple! All you have to do is to place a request with us, and we’ll deliver the skip to your location on the same day (or on your requested date). You can book a skip online on our website, or you can get in touch with us directly to make a booking.

How do I estimate how much junk I have?

With us, you don’t really need to estimate how much junk you have before making a hire. We won’t overcharge you for unfilled skip space, and you’ll need to pay only for the waste you dispose of. However, to give you an idea 1m³ of waste is roughly equivalent to 4 wheelie bins or a family fridge.

What is the duration of your service?

We offer our junk skip bins on a 7-day hire basis. For every extra day, we will charge you $50 extra.

I don’t have time to collect waste and fill it into a skip. Can you get it done?

Absolutely! In addition to our junk skip bin services, we also offer a hands-on waste removal service. In this service, our team of rubbish removals will collect and dispose of your junk for you. With us around, junk removal will never be a problem for you!


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